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Peek at Recent DIY Decorating

I’ve sort of been on a roll lately, working on my house.

But, I seem to go through periods of “doing” and periods of blogging.

This, apparently, is a period of “doing” because although I’ve done a lot of projects, I haven’t blogged about them.

So here’s a sneak peek at some of the projects, and when life slows down, I’ll (maybe) do some more in-depth blog posts about it all.

Nesting tables for The HomeShed

2014_07_29_12_41_33(rev 0)

China cabinet (in progress) for The HomeShed

2014_07_17_14_31_24(rev 0)

Nightstand for The HomeShed using my new favorite: General Finishes Milk Paint

2014_07_23_14_11_48-5503(rev 0)

New wall color in the play room

2014_07_07_11_54_22(rev 0)

Canvas-Sticker-Paint art for Adam’s Room

2014_06_22_11_42_53(rev 0)

Barn Wood Leaning Mirror for The HomeShed

2014_06_16_14_32_57(rev 0)

Antique Door Coffee Table for The HomeShed

20140405_135140(rev 0)

Shelves that fell off the wall in the play room. Oops.

2014-08-07 06.25.51

New paint in Isaac’s room

2014-08-03 16.30.03

So I guess I DID get something done this summer, huh?

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  1. oooh i love the new paint color in isaac's room! and i deel ya on the shelves- i hate hanging anything that really NEEDS to be solid.... i just stink at it.

  2. It's us against the walls over here for anything remotely heavy... don't ask how many times the curtains have been rehung....

    You are a DIY rockstar. Good stuff!