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GIVEAWAY! (because I was a back-up dancer for Elvis)

True story.  And I’m sorry I haven’t shared it on my blog before.

Me, Becky, Jamie's Dad Larry, Lane, Amy all dressed up for Little Egypt.

In 1999, (or was it 2000?) I started my career as a backup dancer for an Elvis performer.

Amy, Lane, me, Becky and our bodyguard at the Minnesota State Fair (seriously!)

Jamie Aaron Kelley began performing Elvis at the age of 3 and was phenomenally successful.  During his late teens and early 20s, my cousin Lane, sister Becky, and friend Amy travelled the country with Jamie, his parents, and our parents, performing in places like Tupelo, MS, where Elvis was born and Memphis during Elvis Week.

In the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis for my first show: Amy, me, Becky, Lane

Our last performance as a group was in 2004, but we still get together from time to time.

IMG_4820-1585(rev 0)
Me, Lane, Jamie & Ronda, Amy, Becky
Jamie doesn’t do Elvis anymore.  Instead, he’s writing and recording his own stuff, in the style of Elvis, Johnny Cash and Michael Buble.  His original songs are FANTASTIC, as is his voice. 

He did a Christmas show in his hometown on Saturday and I took Adam with to the concert.  He loved it and so did I.  It brought back so many good memories.  I haven’t stopped singing “On this Christmas Eve” and I’ve caught Adam (5) singing “That’s Why they Call him Santa Claus” more than once.

Autographs after the show!

And as a big ol’ THANK YOU to all my readers, I’m giving away Jamie’s Christmas CD!  It is a mix of traditional Christmas hymns, Jamie’s version of some holiday favorites, and several originals written by Jamie and his wife, Ronda.  It is a great addition to your holiday music collection, and would make a great gift, too! Check out the video below for a sample!

I am so thrilled to be able to do this giveaway.  Jamie and his family have been such a huge part of my lives, and I’m so excited to share his music with all of you, too!

Now, the important details…

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You can enter this contest in TWO ways.  If you do both, you get two entries!

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You have TWO DAYS to do this!  The contest ends Wed night (11:59 PM CST.)

I will announce the winner here on Thursday morning and the winner will have 24 hours to email me their address.  The CD will be shipped immediately after winner contacts me.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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  1. I remember when I worked at Best Buy and he came in looking for some CDs. Talked for quite a bit since I grew up loving Elvis and Johnny Cash because of my grandpa.

  2. I subscribe with two email addresses! And I would love to see video of your awesome dance moves someday!

  3. This is awesome! I love the old pictures. I did ballet and jazz for 13 years, but was never a back up dancer. Hope you guys have a great Christmas.

  4. ok i saw becky and thought it was you and then thought, that must be your sister! you girls could be twins and are so cute!

  5. That is random and completely awesome!

  6. I did both. Jamie has a beautiful voice!! Have a Merry Christmas!!

  7. My grandma would love this! I subscribe by email!

  8. I am an email subscriber! Love to have this CD!

  9. Who would have guessed? Did you dance back-up at the concert on Saturday then?