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Carry On…

My heart is heavy this morning.

The tornadoes in Oklahoma hit close to home for me.  In 2005, I stood in my parents’ back yard and watched as an F3 tornado hit my neighbor’s home, and then continued on to my hometown of Stratford, IA.  I still have dreams I’m being chased by a tornado.  So, I’ve been avoiding watching the news, and simply praying everyone involved, instead.

Then, last night, another tragedy struck close to home.  This girl, Kathlynn Shepard, was abducted from a nearby town.  Although she technically was not one of my students, I remember her from my days teaching at Southeast Webster-Grand.  I remember her being a sweet, laid-back, mild-mannered girl, and my heart is aching for her.  She and a friend were abducted after school.  The friend managed to escape, and the abductor was found dead in his truck last night, but Kathlynn is still missing.  The search is centered north of Pilot Mound, IA. (ironically, it’s where part of the movie Twister was filmed.)  If you live anywhere in Boone, Webster, or Hamilton County, please go to the Dayton Leader’s facebook page and share the information about Kathlynn.

This morning, I flipped on the radio while doing the dishes, and the song “Carry On” by Fun. was on.  I have always loved that song, but it had new meaning today.  My prayer is that all those affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma, as well as Kathlynn, her family, friends, and search teams are able to keep hope and carry on as well.  Prayers for you all.

carry on
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  1. My thoughts have been in very similar places as yours today. It has made it hard to do things. Thanks for the reminder to "carry on."

  2. praying for that little girl... and of course for all in OK.

  3. Prayers to Kathlynn and her friends and family. I hope they will find her soon. Such sad times we live in right now, but we must carry on as best we can.

  4. I can't imagine being in either circumstances; it is so sad. Keep thinking those good thoughts, and I will add mine to them.