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September = Overbooked

I somehow overbooked myself for September.

farmchicks homeshed - page 002I’ve been busy getting ready for my junk/home d├ęcor/barn sale on the 28th and 29th.  We settled on a name, and you can check it out on facebook (www.facebook.com/TheHomeShed)  I’ve been trying to squeeze painting, cleaning, and organizing projects into every spare minute!




imageOn top of that, the house renovation projects we’ve been hemming and hawing over all summer started a couple of weeks ago, and my house is currently a DISASTER!  Missing walls, bathroom gutted, boxes piled everywhere, dust on every surface…It has to get worse before it gets better, right?  To keep up with our progress, and help me make major decisions, follow my blog’s facebook page (www.facebook.com/OnTheBanksofSquawCreek) where we’ll be choosing paint colors for the exterior soon!







I’m also helping to organize a benefit for a friend of mine with cancer.  She and I grew up together and spent every birthday together for over a decade.  She is 28 and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2008, Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2010, and leukemia earlier this summer.  Right now, the doctors have stopped her chemo in order to concentrate on an aggressive fungal infection in her abdomen.  Her family has missed a lot of work and has been staying in Rochester, MN at the Mayo Clinic with her (and her boyfriend dumped her because of the stress.)  She is the toughest chick I know (seriously!) but she could still use your prayers.



Finally, CommonGround is coming to shoot a video tomorrow on antibiotic use on our farm. I’ve been reading up on antibiotics again, and referring back to all of the info I collected before writing this blog post.


Now, time to get back to work!  See you in October!

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  1. I am praying------praying ever so much for your friend. I was sent from Alberta to the Mayo in Rochester just over ten years ago-they are phenomenal.

    God is in the midst of it all-even when we can't see or feel Him.

    Tell us how we can help.

  2. Good Lord, you're a busy lady! :) Good luck with your barn sale! Wish I wasn't so busy that I could get there! Thoughts and prayers too, to your friend. She must be one strong lady!

  3. ughhh i know what you mean about renovations!!! I have boxes of STUFF everywhere dust and plaster and insulation all over and a half painted house mocking me every day lol! Good luck with your stuff!

  4. I think you and I tore the same page out of the crazy book. Hang in there, and I keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers. ( A big :-P to her boyfriend for bailing!) My crazy might not be over until mid to late October, but a girl can hope right?