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How to Arrange a Vignette

Last week, I posted a few of my favorite vignettes from around the house, and today I wanted to share some tips for arranging your accessories (along with a few more pictures.)  There are many “right” ways to create a vignette and there are a few guidelines to keep in mind that help it look great.
1.  Start with something large.
2.  Vary the heights of the objects.
3.  Work in odd numbers.

These are just guidelines, not rules.  In the end, I go with whatever “looks” right.  But if you’re not sure, the guidelines can give you a place to start. 
Now, here are the rules guidelines in action.  (All photos feature vignettes in my home.)

1. Start with something large, like a lamp, mirror, or artwork.

pottery barn style living room
The inspiration for this vignette was the 82 Queen print.  The seagrass basket is from Charleston as is the starfish.  One of the books is Gone With the Wind, which of course, reminds us of the south.  Together, these items form a beautiful vignette that reminds us of our honeymoon.
Charleston inspired

2. Vary the heights of the objects.

croquet and wagon
Use books under objects to create the different heights, if needed.  I love to grab old, beautiful books at thrift stores or garage sales, ESPECIALLY if they have meaning.
above the cabinetsantique drawer shelvesimg_1556rev-1_thumb

3. Group objects in odd numbers.

I’m not sure why this works, but it seems to be more pleasing to the eye.  (Shimmery Fall Decorations)shimmery fall acessories
Three deer, in front of and overlapping each other.  If you could see the whole vignette, you’d see three evergreen trees, too.
breyer deer
Three ultrasound pictures, arranged in a triangle…on an antique screen door bulletin board.
antique screen door bulletin board
The “odd number” guideline is pretty flexible…. In some of my vignettes, I counted and I had an even number. But to me, some things go together and count as 1. Like this – the little bowl that is holding up one of the toilet paper pumpkins doesn’t count…it has really become a part of the pumpkin itself.burlap toilet paper pumpkins
Same here – book doesn’t count.  It’s the THREE (toilet paper) pumpkins that count.
toilet paper pumpkins

Following these guidelines will help keep your home d├ęcor accessories from looking like clutter, because the arrangement will be much more pleasing to look at.

If this post was helpful, or there is a particular vignette that you love, please pin it!

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  1. I just commented on your other post from last week asking for some of your best vignette tips. Then I realized that you had just posted them this morning - so thanks! I guess you know what I'm going to ask for even before I do :)

  2. Cute! You are such a great decorator! Wonderful tips!

  3. I'm so glad you wrote about this! I've been adjusting and readjusting my living room vignette because it's a little off.

  4. Lots of folks don't have a natural knack for this type of arrangement, so your tips and explanations are very helpful.

  5. What wonderful vignettes! Thanks for sharing your tips :)

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