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Leave it to the Experts


I’m not an expert on raising pigs.

And I’m guessing you’re not, either.

No one would expect you or I to make decisions about the best way to care for pigs.  That would be ridiculous.


There ARE experts on taking care of pigs…there are professors and scientists and vets who have done research to determine the best ways to raise pigs.

There are also farmers, like Heather Hill, who spend seven days a week taking care of pigs. And my uncle, whose farm I visited a couple of years ago, when I took these pictures. And countless neighbors who raise hogs here in central Iowa.  They are experts, too.


But I’m pretty sure that McDonalds is not an expert on raising pigs.  McDonald’s might be an expert at serving up fast, cheap, fattening food, but that’s about it.  You wouldn’t expect them to tell you how to do your taxes, the best way to get out a grass stain, or what the proper tylenol dosage is for your child.  So why is McDonald’s telling farmers – experts on animal care – how to raise their hogs?


I won’t try to tell you that gestation stalls are good or bad.

I’m not qualified to make that decision.  Neither is McDonalds. 

That’s my point. 

Decisions like this are best left to the EXPERTS.


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  1. Those are great pictures! Ya, ridiculous to think McDonald's can tell farmers anything at all.

  2. "Like". If anything, the farmers should be telling McDonald's how to properly cook their pigs!

  3. I grew up on a farm raising pigs and when I was a teenager my father started driving truck for extra money so I was left to tend them. People who have never raised pigs shouldnt have any say in how others raise them. Pork is not the other white meat, its pink and when raised right, mighty tasty. Factory farm pork is white and thats not natural.

    1. AMS - I agree with your first point completely - people who haven't raised pigs have no idea!

  4. The only McDonald's product that I can think of that even IS pork, is the McRib, and I'm fairly certain that it's not a regular menu item. It's probably that more than anything that baffles me about this...

    1. Their other products are their breakfast sausage & ham.

    2. Their other products are their breakfast sausage & ham.

    3. Ah, and bacon. Duh! Thanks, haha.