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There are several things I’d love to write a whole post about…and there are several posts that I’ve started writing, but haven’t finished. 
So, I’m just going to do a random post with some updates and pictures.

1.  Isaac’s 7 weeks old now.  He’s cooing and smiling, and sleeping really well, between 4 and 7 hours at night.  He is such a laid-back baby!


2.  I went back to work this week.  I am a part time Talented and Gifted teacher.  It was the last week of school, so I spent most of the time closing up my rooms and reviewing test scores and teacher recommendations for my TAG classes next year.  It was fun to go back and see everyone, but I missed my boys.

3.  We got the swingset!


4.  I’ve been staring at my house too much.  I tore down the curtains, and have spent hours and hours looking at decorating inspiration online.  And I started stripping the woodwork.  I’ve got some plans.

5.  The bathroom and Isaac’s room aren’t done yet.  Oh well.


6.  We’ve been working outside a bit.  I’m going to try and put my garden in tonight before it rains.


7.  I’m not sure if I ever told you all, but we hired help for the farm in March, right before Isaac was born.  It has made a huge difference!  Bart is able to spend so much more time with us!

8.  I am OBSESSED with Pinterest.  Addicted.  Truly.

      img_7393 img_7397

I’m going to stop now, before I get distracted and fail to actually post this, like the other 5 drafts I have started…

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  1. Hope you are ready to enjoy your summer! :)

  2. Your family is absolutely gorgeous! You look so fantastic!

  3. Love all the pics- signed a fellow Pinterest addict!

  4. Isn't it fun ? :-) Just enjoy your randomness this summer and let life take you where it wants to go. Good to hear from you!

  5. I like random posts, that's how my brain works most of the time. Glad Bart is getting to spend more time with you guys, I'm a Pinterest addict, too! (I found your page, have to look at your pins now!) Love the pics of Adam feeding Isaac.

  6. What a sweet family! Nothing better than going to work for a week and getting off for the WHOLE summer!! I'm going to play around more with Pinterest when school is out. Can you say 7 (6 counting my personal day) more days of school left! Woo hoo!!!

  7. Oh my .... what a darling wee boy that is! I could eat him!
    I love random posts.... they're at my level ;)

    And so glad you got some help - it is so lovely to have more of daddy around, isn't it :)

  8. Aw!! I love the picture of your sleepy men-folk :)

  9. Looks like your family is growing nicely. I love pinterest too, I'll have to look for you. Hope it helps you find some inspiration for your house.

  10. What a cute baby boy! So happy for you momma! Glad you got some adult time back at work this week. Enjoy the summer break.

  11. What cute pictures and I love the randomness as that is truly how life is as a momma!!