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Turkey Tuesday: Food Safety

Ugh.  Who threw out their eggs following the recall?  Me!  You know I live in Iowa, right?  And the recalled eggs came from Iowa.  It seemed like everyone I knew had to throw theirs out.


But what upsets me even more is the media’s coverage of this recall.  Did you realize that only ONE PERCENT OF THE EGG SUPPLY WAS AFFECTED.  1%!!!  I didn’t hear that on the news!


Shortly after the recall, we heard that the farms didn’t use the salmonella vaccine, and that was partly to blame.

But just a year ago, the livestock industry was under fire for “over-using” antibiotics. 

So, what do you want from us?  Do you want us to vaccinate and treat our sick animals?  Or not?  We’re getting some mixed messages.


I don’t know the facts about this salmonella vaccine, but I know that we (and most farmers) use vaccinations and antibiotics to help ensure a SAFE and PLENTIFUL FOOD SUPPLY for our nation.  I think everyone would agree that’s a good thing. 


Please remember – farmers are eating the same food you do.  We want our food to be safe for our families, neighbors and friends.  Most of us are trying our hardest to ensure that.  Unfortunately, it just takes a few bad eggs and the media (and America public) is once again attacking farmers and agriculture.

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  1. I hear ya! Keep doing what you're doing-- seriously. The media makes it seem like a bad thing when you medicate an animal (antibiotics or vaccines), but if you didn't medicate your child the same media would consider that abuse! In the media's eyes, if your cow has a fever do nothing, but if your child does, by all means, medicate. Sigh.

  2. I am with you on this The news wants readers and the only way they get them is exaggerate the truth. It makes you think before you buy eggs. I always hate to hear another story but I am sure it happens in all occupations We live this one so it is close to out hearts Hang in there it will pass

  3. I agree completely! It seems like you just can't win! We are in PA and so far have been unaffected, but also live in a predomanitley (sp?) farming community and really respect and admire our farmers. All it takes is a few people trying to get around the rules and it puts everyone else at a disadvantage. We need to be supportive of America's real bread and butter - Farmers!

  4. Such a good point! I should have added that to my rant ;) My feathers have gotten ruffled... if ya can't tell.

  5. Well put, Katie.
    I have to admit, I haven't even checked my eggs.
    Why? Because I realize that NO FOOD is sterile and ALL FOOD needs to be cooked and handled properly. We don't eat raw or even runny eggs around here... I have a Lean Mean Meat Thermometer that makes sure my food is safe to eat.
    Not that I'm excusing the bad actors out there, I will say I think people need to start taking responsibility for handling their food safely. Unless the public (and media) want to adopt irradiation, we have to expect there's risk and do what we can to minimize it.
    That's MY rant for today. I'll have to check out Cris' too.

  6. Great post. Oh how I have missed TTOTBOSC. (That's my acronymn for Turkey Tuesday On the Banks of Squaw Creek.)

  7. I'm so glad to know you. Now I can only hope for the day we will meet. :-) Thanks for spreading the truth on this and the reasons we use vaccines and antibiotics.

    You Go Girl!!!

  8. Katie
    You ask about the woodchuck well the groundhog is the same thing I guess we just call things differently

  9. Katie,
    I so admire all the farmers and I know that they all go through so much these days. Hang in there!

    By the way I just wrote on the plate with a Sharpie Marker. I got it at a yard sale for like a quarter I think so if it turned out bad I could just pitch it. I use alcohol to rub most of the marker off if I want to rewrite on it. As you can tell by the black background it doesn't all come off.


  10. Great reminder to us all not to FREAK out at the latest "scandal" in the media. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hang in there girl. I grew up on a beef cattle farm. Farmers are always the hardest hit and the least appreciated!

  12. You tell 'em! This is sooooo crazy and fairly simple to fix!

  13. Uhmm I meant fix the egg part, not the media and public craziness! I'm afraid that might be a permanent condition! ACK!

  14. I just figured I'd cook the life out of any egg I used and that would be that. What food that we buy is sterile? The other day I opened a brand new bag of flour and found.......ew! You don't want to know.
    Thanks for bring everybody to reality.