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I'm always trying to make things better.  I see (imagine?) problems where others see none.  And I like to try different solutions to these (imaginary?) problems.

Case in point:

This is what you would have seen if you had entered our kitchen anytime in the past two years.

Since it was right inside the door, we kept our shoes in there, but most of the time, the shoes lived in a pile on the floor instead. It was just too much work to open those doors.

And that pile of shoes (and hubby's "inside" clothes after working on the farm) were always right in the way when you came from the dining room into the kitchen.

So after a game of musical furniture the other day, the black cabinet was replaced with this white dresser.

The dresser is open at the bottom, meaning that we can kick off our shoes underneath it.   Let's face it, when you are carrying in an infant seat, dragging a preschooler behind you, and are met by a ferocious, barking shih-tzu, you're not about to bend over and open a door to put your shoes away.  Kicking them off works much better!

When under-the-dresser gets too full, the shoes go into the drawers, which Adam (preschooler) can open himself.  

There you have it.  Another beautiful storage solution to a not-so-beautiful problem!

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  1. The dresser looks great in your kitchen! We tried big oversized buckets, shelves, chests, you name it, for our shoes. Finally..it came down to each person taking their shoes to their room. I hope this works for you! :-)

  2. i love the dresser there! the added height is fabulous! and i also imagine problems everywhere- i think that is what happens when we are home so long looking at our houses and constantly tweaking!

  3. Haha, I love it! Functional AND pretty. :)


  4. You clever girl! See I would have just started threatening people and throwing their shoes outside...(c: But now that I've read your FFR post, maybe I will deal with things better...maybe (c:

    P.S. LOVE the new look, it's fabulous!