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This week is busy.

Baby turkeys come tomorrow, which means extra long days for Bart as he cares for the "little fellows."

He also has to take fat samples this week because we have another flock almost ready for market.  This means he kills 6 turkeys and sends fat samples to the processing plant to be tested for safety.  And then we clean the turkeys and fill the freezer with lean turkey breast.

In addition to the busy-ness on the farm,  I have to go back to work tomorrow.  Most years, I'm excited for school to start, but I'm having trouble finding the silver lining this year.  I have gotten into a groove at home and I'm not looking forward to interrupting that. 

Although my boys drive me crazy at times, I enjoy having more flexible time to spend with them, instead of the hectic, trying-to-get-everything-done-after-work evenings that are coming up.

We (Adam, Isaac and I) have been sleeping 9PM to 9AM pretty consistently this summer and spending at least half the day in our jammies. Wish us luck as we try to get out the door by 7AM tomorrow, without Bart's help, since he'll be unloading turkeys. At least I only have to do it 3 times a week, since I only teach part time.
I obviously had some funky camera settings going on, but look at those blue eyes!

Here's hoping everything goes smoothly and this week turns out to be less stressful than we are anticipating!

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  1. OMG Adam is too funny! you must show that picture at his graduation or wedding or something. Hilarious! See you tomorrow!

  2. Good Luck and I will send positive thinking your way!

  3. Oh and I also want to know more about "fat samples", why they have to do this for turkeys? and do they do that with chickens too?

  4. I hope the back-to-school transition goes super well for you guys, Katie!!

  5. Good luck tomorrow!!! I know it will be tough, but you can do it! I adore the picture of Adam taking care of business! That is precious! Jemma and I are like you guys. We sleep late and stay in jammies half the summer! I love it!!!! She doesn't start back until after Labor Day! Yeah!!!! Have a great first week!

  6. Good luck. I hope your return to work goes smoothly. x

  7. That has got to be tough...it's hard enough to get everything done without something as massive and time consuming as going back to work! Your guys are so cute! Those blue eyes are just darling...I would have a hard time leaving them, too!