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Master Bedroom Design Comes to Life!

Before I share my bedroom photos, I want to let you know that my friend Cassie from Primitive and Proper is “hosting” me on her blog today – I’m showing some of my favorite areas from all over the house, so go check it out!


diy upholstered headboard

Do you remember, almost TWO YEARS ago when I posted this mood board for the master bedroom? 

master bedroom[3]

It’s been slowly coming together ever since!

DIY upholstered headboard

On this side of the room, the headboard that I upholstered is flanked by two antique pieces of furniture – an oak dresser that I refinished on Bart’s side of the bed, and a sewing machine cabinet on my side.

I will do a complete tutorial on the headboard someday.

The other side of the room is home to the recliner – it’s been up here since I got my turquoise chairs.  It may move to the basement someday, but I like having a quiet, comfy place to read or work.

starburst mirrors

The collection of starburst mirrors and metallic frames is a combination of antiques store and Hobby Lobby finds.

reading corner bedroombrass gold frame starburst mirror collection

And as usual, it’s the little details that are my favorite…

A collection of gorgeous, favorite books.

decorating with old books

Antique Roseville vases, one from my aunt, one from Bart’s grandma, and one was a garage sale find.

antique roseville vases

The art is reminiscent of our honeymoon in Charleston. A palmetto tree on my side of the bed, and a print of our favorite Charleston restaurant on Bart’s side.

navy raspberry bedroom

I still have plans for this room.  Someday, I want to paint the trim and doors white. I refinished the woodwork downstairs, but I’m planning to paint up here.

tall leaning mirror

I’d also like to replace the big recliner with a smaller, prettier chair.  But sometimes, practicality wins over aesthetics.

gold mirrors

And I’m actually thinking about painting the room navy, too.

DIY upholstered headboard

But for now, our bedroom is a cozy and comfortable retreat, and we love it!

starburst mirror collection

Shared at Thrifty D├ęcor Chick’s March Before and After

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  1. this is my favorite space in your house! i love it! thank you for sharing your home today!

  2. Beautiful! Don't get rid of the chair-looks like a perfect hiding spot!!!

  3. This room is soooo beautiful and has so much character! LOVE it!

    1. Thanks, Beth! Have we ever seen your master bedroom?

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's not perfect in real life, but who else is going to get up close and personal with my master bedroom headboard, right?

  5. That headboard is beautiful! Your room looks like a very relaxing place.

    1. Thank you! With two crazy little boys, we need that kind of space!

  6. Gorgeous space! Love the combo of metal mirrors

    1. ME TOO! And I love how they wrap around the corner. (It's totally cool for me to compliment my own decor, right?)

  7. What a pretty, pretty room! LOVE your headboard, and the mirror/frame collection.