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If I were to get married again…

I’d marry Justin Timberlake.

Just kidding, sort of.

But this post isn’t about who I’d marry…It’s about the decorations!

There are five shops near me who are hosting “Think Wedding!” this weekend.  These shops all feature vintage, antiques, and “junk.”  And as you’ll see, those things can make for a beautiful wedding! (Read more about the event, and get a few more ideas on Antiques Iowa’s website.)
I’ve seen some beautiful weddings lately, decorated with HomeShed style “junk” and I’m sharing them with you today, in case you’re looking for inspiration for your special day!

One of those weddings was First Home Dreams’ Ashley’s.  Remember, I showed you her “new” house a few weeks ago?

Just as Ashley loves old houses, she loved using old things in her wedding décor, too…
“I had a brooch bouquet. Some were family pieces, some were tracked down by me and my mother in law, and some my mom and my grandma found when they were out and about.
vintage brooch bouquet 3
My mom is a collector of vintage kitchen tins, so we used a colourful Maxwell House coffee can she had for one of the flower arrangements.

maxwell coffee can
We decided not to do a traditional guest book, so we had little cards with prompts on them for people to fill out. Pens were held in a little ceramic marmalade jar, and filled out cards were put into a vintage candle box that my mom found at a second hand store. A footed milk glass bowl held another flower arrangement.”
guest book props

So beautiful and unique, Ashley!  I love these personal touches!

The 2nd wedding I want to share was my friend Nicole’s.  She and I worked together in college, and she bought this barn door from The HomeShed last spring:

barn door picture frame
Nicole says, “My husband, Ash and I were born and raised ‘country’ so even though we opted for a destination wedding in Jamaica, we knew we wanted a “rustic” reception back home… Okay so I knew I WANTED a “rustic” reception, Ash’s ideas for décor were a little more on the “redneck” side. We compromised (I won) and I couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out!
mason ball jar centerpiece
tool box drink holdervintage suitcase card holder
During the months leading up to the reception, my kitchen table turned into “craft central station”. We had a revolving door of friends and family members take their turn at my table, I couldn’t have done it without them! A few of my favorite creations were: firefly mason jars, a “Love is Sweet” banner, personalized mason jar mugs for favors, burlap and lace table runners (made by my mother-in-law), and decorated mason jars for floating candles. The “frosting on the cake” (pun intended), was our amazing cupcake stand. Not every fiancé will chop down a tree for the big day, this was a fun project for Ash and I to tackle together!
wedding dessert bartree slice cupcake standball jar wedding centerpiece
Finally the big day arrived! As I stood in the middle of the Freight House, I had no idea how it would all come together – with a lot of help from creative (and somewhat bossy) family members it exceeded my expectations. A family friend makes beautiful quilts and it was her fantastic idea to use them to hide the chair racks. This also provided a great backdrop to our wedding picture display. Luckily she also had vintage suitcases (used for cards) and old barn wood picture frames, perfect for adding the finishing touch to our centerpieces! In the end, everything was perfect!
quilts tablecloths weddingmason glass chalkboard wedding1689170_10101649313329830_1321142748_nburlap table runner

The third wedding I want to share is my friend, Carrie’s.  She was married at a local winery and the wedding was beautiful.  Some of her décor also came from The HomeShed.
Carrie’s notes on her décor… Old bound books: My late Grandpa Olson. He was a huge book lover and the books are to me, as part of his will.
emily post etiquetteThe lace, crocheted and other linens are antiques, my late Grandma Scott's or ones that my mom has collected from garage sales.
wedding antique doilies
wedding books fall acorns ball jars

Ball jars - collected from aunts, garage sales - but haha, the ones that were from my aunts needed to go back, as they are used for canning.

guestbook cd favors

A lot of the glassware and other stuff is my mom's - which she used to decorate the house. She has the largest store room I have ever seen for one house. My cousins go through it yearly for decorations.

wedding centerpiece acorns

What do you think?  Doesn’t it make you want to get married all over again?  Or at least go shopping and incorporate some of these ideas into your own décor?

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  1. Thanks for sharing some shots from my wedding! :)

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhh those lovely vintage & rustic decor!! looooooove them & there are so many things I see now I would TOTALLY do had I not been 'stuck in the proper wedding box' state of mind back then... shoes wouldn't have to match the dress, the dresses would coordinate instead of match, the guys wouldn't necessarily be stuck in black tuxes, etc, etc.....

  3. The design is very pretty. I like both of your decor a lot.

  4. I may or may not be stealing some of these ideas for our wedding and reception!! ;) Hopefully I can find even more to add to the decor at the HomeShed this spring/summer/fall!

  5. LOVE these ideas! I know much time and love were put into each and every one!

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  7. I love these weddings!

    So you live near Story City? I have family in Ames, or maybe Webster City? They move too often to keep up with new addresses!

    Becky from Boost group

    1. Yes, Becky! I live smack in-between Ames and Webster City. I graduated high school from Webster City and went to college in Ames. :)