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Trimmy, Trim, Trim

I tried to think of some cute Little Pig related rhyme that could end in “trimmy, trim, trim” but I got nothin.  Anyway…

So far, we have remodeled every room in our house but two, and we have kept all the original trim and doors, except for the kitchen, where the original trim was long gone.

We will be replacing the trim in the bathroom and Baby Brudder’s room, too. Some of it had been painted and is in terrible shape.  However, we are trying to replicate it fairly closely, to retain a lot of the “old house” character.

Door and window casings:  Old is stained, new is white.


New bathroom window (clearly not painted yet)


Old window (Baby Brudder’s room):


New baseboard (white) and old baseboard (stained.)


Pretty close, huh?  And all “off the shelf” from Lowes.

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  1. That looks wonderful! When I read the title of your post I was expecting a haircut:)

  2. Ooh, the changes look great. All of your home improvements are making me SO wish that I lived in a fun home instead of a rental right now. I'll keep dreaming...

  3. I love good chunky trim! You are so lucky to have all of that through your house :)

  4. Excellent job matching the trim!

    And it all looks so familiar...I have been spending a lot of time in the trim section of Lowe's lately. Haha!

  5. Go-geous! Amazing that matches so well!