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February Showers…

Didn’t I just post pictures of Adam on a “snow day?”
Well, here he is (with his fireman) enjoying our first thunderstorm on the season early Sunday morning. 
img_6026 img_6028 img_6030
Okay, so February doesn’t really count as “spring” in Iowa. So I guess this is the first thunderstorm of the WINTER season?
Whatever – the precipitation was wet, not frozen, and that makes us happy!

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  1. Love these! The weatherman is trying to scare us with a threat of a possible "Big Snow" tomorrow morning. UGH! Let it be......

  2. hmmm i would trade your thunderstorm for the snow storm that is coming our way this afternoon...



  3. I miss rain. It's snowing here again; I'm tired of being teased with nice weather!

  4. Sweet photos! We're warming up pretty fast here in North Texas.