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Dad called to find out where I keep the iron…

…my first thought was, “Now, he’s not only washing and drying my laundry for me, he’s IRONING it, too?” 
(If you missed that story, Dad’s remodeling our bathroom and 3rd bedroom, and he’s been doing laundry for me, since he goes down to the basement for tools constantly, anyway.  It’s really helpful, because my 33 week pregnant belly makes it hard to carry a laundry basket.)

This is the laundry he did for us today:  mostly hubby’s chore clothes
But that’s NOT what he was ironing. 

Remember this disastrous project?  Many of you commented on that post, and I was comforted by all your support and suggestions.
Well, Daddy came to my rescue again.  He had a piece of oak plywood “just lying around” so he cut a few inches off of it, and then used this super simple iron-on veneer edging to make the edges pretty.
(Does anyone love the smell of fresh cut oak as much as I do?)
Just iron it on…
and sand the edges smooth.

I told him I’d go ahead and unscrew the ruined top, and screw the other one on.  He told me he’d do it himself.  He doesn’t trust me. Ridiculous, since I’m trusting him with my laundry and all. :)

Hopefully this changing table saga will have a happy ending soon, thanks to my Daddy!

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  1. Yay, your dad really is the best! Now you can check off the changing table from the to-do list :)

  2. That's great you have so much help! Remodeling AND laundry? Your dad sounds great!

  3. What a wonderful dad you have! Can I borrow him tomorrow? It's my laundry day and I have to trek down to the community laundry room in my apt. complex...BLECH!!!

  4. Ha, your dad is as handy as mine! I always love to watch him when he's on a roll, fixing things!


  5. I'm jealous of you and your dad.

  6. What a blessing you have in your sweet father. I so miss my dad- he was alot like your dad and could fix anything for me!!

    Wow and he does laundry too!

    bee blessed

  7. What a great dad! I love dads. :)

  8. Once again it is documented that Daddies are awesome! Glad you have a solution to your problem.

    I am happy to report, after way too many attempts and some swearing, ONE drawer has be put back in its cabinet with a new track. FOUR screws broke off in the wood! NOT a good thing! One more to go. Hope this one goes in easier! I may have to call and tell my hair fairy godmother to add color on to our list of things to do on Monday! ;-)

  9. Wow look at your dad! How awesome!

    PS - my kids think the iron is only for when you're sewing, since that's the only time I use ours, hehe!