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To Do: Adam’s Snacks

Believe it or not, I HAVE been making progress on my to-do list.

Two weeks ago, Adam and I repackaged and relocated his snacks.  Instead of keeping them in an upper cabinet, we separated them into single servings and moved them to the lazy susan next to the sink.
My goal is that he will be a little more independent when I’m nursing or rocking Baby Brudder.  So far, it’s working well.  Next step is to put a basket in the fridge with the same idea – fresh fruit, string cheese, yogurt, etc.
There’s a lot of cereal in there now…I need to refill the pretzels and cracker varieties.
Some snacks stayed up high.  I’m not sure that fruit snacks are really that much worse than the Cap’n Crunch, but he’s only allowed one fruit snack per day.  (Unless, of course, he’s at either Grandma’s house…)

Will this independence backfire?  Only time will tell!

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  1. If I didn't think my kids would take complete advantage of that situation I'd do the same thing. As it is, they just drag chairs over to the cabinet and pull out whatever they want. I need to figure out a way to lock the string cheese up around the 4 year old, though.

  2. I Think its a great idea!


  3. Great idea! I will have to remember that!

  4. This is genius! I should do it!

    PS I know I'm a little behind. I have 12 posts of yours in my reader. I might not get to all of them...but I love ya!

  5. This is SO smart. I need to do this for my husband to take in his lunches every day! The things in individual servings (like the oatmeal cream pies...) disappear but the crackers and carrots and healthier options require ten seconds of packaging time that just doesn't happen in the mornings.