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Greener Grass Ahead

Last night, I drove home in a storm.  Rain turned to blinding snow in my headlights as I crept along through the pitch black night. When I finally made it home, I tucked my boys in to bed, made bottles for the lambs and had to head back outside to feed them, all the while grumbling about the miserable, un-April like weather.

Things were much worse for a friend of mine.  Her farm, several hundred miles south of mine, was hit by a tornado, her barn was completely ravaged, and her kitchen destroyed by a tree that crashed through the roof. The storm had devastating consequences for her.

But this morning, the landscape (and my perspective) have changed.  As I look out my kitchen window, I see bright green grass, the likes of which we haven’t seen in months.  And I am reminded that the grass is always greener where we water it.

grass is greener where you water it

Sometimes, that water comes in the form of a storm.  Although we’d much prefer a gentle rain, God knows that a raging storm makes a much bigger impact.

And after the storm clouds clear away, we are left with new opportunities. Grass, dormant all winter, comes back to life. Old trees fall and new ones grow up in their places. Kitchens are demolished, only to be rebuilt, better than ever. And our hearts, and faith, and trust in the Lord, become stronger than ever.

A series of gentle rain storms also initiate change, but it is a much slower process. The storms in our lives are here for a reason. God uses them to give us new perspectives and new opportunities.  Sometimes, when the wind is rushing around us and we can’t see more than a few feet ahead, it’s hard to believe that the sun will shine again.  But faith in God’s love and His promise of a new day usher us through the storms, until we can see the green grass with our own eyes.

Dear God, lead me through this storm, and help me see the green grass and new opportunities that lie ahead. Amen.

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  1. I needed this today, thank you. Also: you are quite talented. I love your graphics.

  2. Great post! And I certainly agree - the grass IS greener this morning. :)

  3. Great post. It's amazing how God uses those things that don't look anything but bad in our eyes to bless us beyond measure!