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Blogger Book Club: Girl on the Train, Bright Side, The Detective and Mrs. Jeffries, Buried in a Bog

I drive a lot – more than 8 hours between Monday and Friday – and I like to listen to books on tape while I drive.  I check them out from my library through the Overdrive app and have heard some great ones that way.

But earlier this month, I discovered podcasts.  I downloaded PocketCast and most of my “listening” time has been spent trying out new podcasts, instead of “reading.”

So I don’t have as many reviews to share this month, but they are all good reviews!


The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 1)

Mrs. Jeffries, the housekeeper for The Inspector, sneaks around with the other household servants to solve a mystery for their employer, and then gracefully lead him to the correct conclusion, and he doesn’t have a clue (pun intended.)

The story was a light-hearted mystery, with interesting characters brought to life by the reading of Lindy Nettleton (I listened to the audiobook) and I really enjoyed it.  It was part “Nancy Drew” and part “Downton Abbey” and mild enough that I didn’t mind if my 6 year old overheard it. “Mrs. Jeffries” is a good pick if you’re looking for something that won’t make you cry your eyes out or question humanity.

(By the way, I much prefer the cover for the audiobook, don’t you? Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have chosen the book if I’d seen the cover the for the paperback instead.)



Buried in a Bog (A County Cork Mystery)

When Maura Donovan returns to her grandmother’s homeland, Ireland, she gets more than she bargained for. 

I enjoyed Buried in a Bog, despite the painfully obvious title, probably because of the setting and fantastic reading of Amy Rubinate (again, I listened to the audiobook.) But this wasn’t a mystery, really.  The mystery played in the background as Maura’s journey of self-discovery took the main stage. Like The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries, this book was a nice break from the deeper novels my blogger book club chose.


Blogger Book Club Reviews:


(March’s pick) The Girl on the Train

Rachel, a divorced alcoholic who commutes by train to London, finds herself daydreaming about a couple who lives along the train tracks. After studying them from afar, she becomes more involved in their lives than she ever though possible.

Dark and unpredictable, this was definitely a page turner like Gone Girl, without as many loose ends or such a disappointing ending.



(April’s Pick) Bright Side

When Kate Sedgwick leaves her home in California to attend college in Minnesota, she brings with her a secret – er..secrets. And she thinks she knows what the future holds for her, until she meets (and falls in love with) Keller Banks, who has secrets of his own.

I didn’t expect to like this book, because I’d heard a bad review.  But, I found myself pretty heavily invested by the time I was 1/4 way through, and couldn’t put it down after that.  The main characters were almost too good to be true, and the push and pull of Kate and Keller’s relationship was perfect. I will say, however, that this book is probably written for a slightly younger audience, but I’m at the stage where I look back fondly on my college years (and wish I could go back!) and Kate and Keller’s story reminded me of the excitement of falling in love with my own tall, dark, and handsome college sweetheart (who is now my tall, dark and handsome husband.)


Next month we’re reading Home Is Where My People Are by fellow blogger Sophie Hudson (which has the most beautiful cover I’ve ever seen.)

Be sure to check out the reviews from my fellow book clubbers:





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