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Rainbow Bookshelves

I reorganized my bookshelves - by COLOR!


This works because:
a)  I’m a pretty visual person.  How many times do you look for a book based on what color the cover is?  Really, name a children’s book, and I bet I can tell you what color to look for on my school bookshelves.  Mr. Popper’s Penguins?  Blue.  Laura Ingalls Wilder set?  Light yellow.  That book about the 6+ Traits of Writing?  Dark, purplish navy.

b) I don’t have a meeellion books.  I DO think this could work in my classroom, but probably not a real library.
c) We aren’t using these books constantly.  I don’t think I could organize Adam’s books this way because those are constantly coming off the shelf and being put back on.  These books sit still.
The shelves are in our upstairs hallway, so you can see our railing in some of the pictures. 
They are actually antique colonnades that were probably used as room dividers and had columns on top and doors on the front.  See the dark square on top where the column would have been?  I got them both for $50.
We actually used them to divide our living and dining room in our first house.  The back has gorgeous paneling/trim, but we have no where to display them (showing both sides) in this house.
And one last scary picture – we took the trim off this window this week to get a really accurate measurement.  The window has been ordered and as soon as it comes in, it will be replaced and the siding will begin!  In my dreams, this window will be a doorway to our two story addition. 

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