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Wanted: Wife/Babysitter

Hubby:  If you die, I’d have to get married again right away so someone could take care of Adam while I farm.  I think I’d just place an ad on Craigslist that says, “Wanted: Wife/Babysitter.”

Me:  You could get a mail order bride.

Hubby:  Huh?

Me:  Duh, that’s what the farmers did on the prairie when their wives died.  Haven’t you read Sarah, Plain and Tall?  She was a mail order bride!!

image(Photo from here, which is actually the artist’s blog!)


Hubby:  I’d rather have “Sarah, Wild and Exotic.”


Good thing we have life insurance on BOTH of us.  That way he could just HIRE someone to watch Adam until he finds Sarah, Wild and Exotic.


(And now he’s analyzing the shrink ray on the Pretzel M&M commercial.  He says he understands how it could make the pretzel smaller, but would the smaller pretzel have the same amount of calories after it had been shrink rayed?  I love when he comes in for “lunch.”)

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  1. haha! Your husband sounds hilarious...

    I loved that book when I was a kid...

    You know, those mail order brides weren't just back in the day on the prairies, there is some guys around here who have just that kind of thing. Now, we just refer to it as online dating, eh? Gosh, Craiglist?! haha

  2. I bet he likes Katie, Wild & Exotic (or cute & prenant) a whole lot better than Sarah, Wild & Exotic, anyway! :)

  3. Love this post! That's all. :)

  4. Awesome! I tell Chris all the time he should get a girlfriend that cooks and cleans (even before I die) that would help me out tons!!!!

  5. Hee Hee! Aren't they just precious when they come in and share at lunch? Does he leave a trail of unmentionable "stuff" on your floor when he forgets to take off his shoes/boots, or do you have yours trained better than I do?

    We HAVE to do a joint/team blog on what it is like to live with a farmer. Maybe that can be one of Heather's questions for our new group blog?

    Better make sure our insurance is paid up first! Hee hee hee hee hee!

  6. Oh Dang! For got some things:

    Sarah, Plain and Tall is one of my mom's favorite books. She read the whole series and watched the movies too.

    They talk a good talk, but our farm boys couldn't and wouldn't keep up with those Wild and Exotic chics for too long. They are too high maintenance! ;-)

  7. i think i would like your husband- he sounds pretty darn funny!

  8. Love it! Sounds like a conversation we would have!