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Morning Sickness Treatments


Thanks to everyone who’s been asking about me.  I am feeling a LOT better, but still not 100%.  I haven’t been throwing up every night like I was…only a couple times a week, now.  My biggest problem is that I have so many food aversions, I can’t seem to find much to eat, and then when I get hungry, I get sick.  But according to the calendar, I’ll be 12 weeks along on Sunday (although I have a wacky cycle so I think I’m more like 10 or so.  But let’s stick with the calendar dates, just to give myself some hope) so I should be feeling better soon.  (Now would NOT be the time to tell me about how you were sick the entire pregnancy.  Please. Just. Don’t. Tell. Me.)

(Just because no post is complete without a picture, here I am on July 4, 2008.  Adam was due July 7, and born July 13.)

I’ve been wanting to do a post on morning sickness cures, in case someday, some poor woman going through what I’ve been going through stumbles upon my blog.  So I did a quick google search and one of the first things that came up was the article from WebMD:  http://www.webmd.com/baby/news/20100908/study-no-proven-morning-sickness-treatments

That’s right – the title is “No Proven Morning Sickness Treatments.”   Greaaattt…..

But I don’t believe them.   So here are some ideas to try.  Whether or not they work for you, at least you feel like you’re doing something!


Works for me:

citrus – especially lemon and lime.  I’ve been squirting lemon juice in my water, eating lemon heads, and snacking on lime sherbert

sweets – my OB verified that high concentrations of sugar help, so again, the lemon heads, but also sugary cereals and doughnuts are yummy.  I also love to dip graham crackers or nilla wafers in frosting. :)

eating small amounts frequently – “There’s a fine line between hunger and nausea,” said my OB.  This is kind of hard for me because NOTHING sounds good.  I have so many food aversions that I have trouble finding something to eat, and then I get past the hunger line and get nauseated and then it’s even worse.

drinking fluids before or after meals, but not with meals – This was a new one to me this time around, but it really does help!

getting out of bed slowly – I like to give the contents of my tummy time to move slowly. :)

ginger, Ginger, GINGER!!!! – I got some ginger tablets from my pharmacy and that’s when I quit throwing up every night!  However, I have ginger burps after taking them, and I hate ginger, so that’s kind of nasty, but better than vomiting!!

Preggie Pops – My Best Friend bought me some and they are great – citrus candy (these ones didn’t have ginger) so a lot like the lemon heads.

Potato Chips – the good, salty ones seem to settle my stomach enough for other foods.

Sleep – When all else fails, I sleep it off.  But I’ve found that my stomach feels better when I get more sleep.

Canned Peaches in HEAVY syrup – the heavy syrup helps settle my stomach.


Now, I know a lot of these foods are not things I’d want as a major part of my diet normally.  But my theory is that during the first trimester, anything that stays down is good for baby and I.  With Adam, I only vomited once but I lost 7 pounds during the first tri because of my food aversions.  This time, even vomiting a kazillion times, I’ve lost 3 pounds. So that must mean I’m better at finding foods that sound good this time around (even if they don’t settle well.)


Works for others:

Vitamin B6 – I got some from my pharmacy and tried it once and threw up.  I may try it again, though.  I think it was just the large pill that made me vomit.

Sea Bands – These are little bracelets that press on a pressure point on your wrist.  I used them with Adam, and thought they helped.  Tried them this time around with no luck.

Powerade or Gatorade – I’m not sure why, but they seem to help!

Eat something 15 min. before getting out of bed – I feel best in the morning this time around, so I don’t do this.  But with Adam, I always had to get up to pee around 4 AM, and I’d have a fruit cup then, and it seemed to help a lot.



Okay, so now you’ve read all about my vomiting and what makes me feel better.  Any biggies I’m forgetting?  Any yummy snacks that might help?

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  1. We are due right around the same time!! I'm 12 weeks today. I have been really really sick too, but have started feeling a little better. Hope that you do too! *hugs*

  2. yay for 12 wks! Glad you found some cures for your sickness. Love the picture!

  3. Even when not pregnant I cannot always eat something but have found salty crunchy is an excellent way to get my stomach back on track. Of course potato chips are yummy but if you can eat nuts they are an awesome option. You can get the heart healthy mixes, I like Planters "Nut-rition". Salty, crunchy and nutritious.
    Good luck!

  4. Drinking a little bit of coke helped settle my stomach most of the time. I figured it worked for me when I wasn't pregnant, so I tried it with pregnancy nausea and it seemed to help, even if it was only 2 or 3 sips.

  5. I'm glad you've found little things that help, and I hope all of this nausea passes quickly. Not fun! I learned with my first pregnancy that if I was hungry for something (even if it was odd!), I should go make it NOW before I got sick again. With the second I learned that if I stayed busy I felt better--chasing around the older child seemed to distract me from feeling so yucky. Again, hope you're over it soon!

  6. I craved peanut butter and dark chocolate. Don't know if that helps or not, but I always felt good when I ate these two. Uhmmmmm......come to think on it, I STILL feel better when I eat either one or both of these food items! ;-)

  7. How funny! Lemon heads helped me a ton too! Hope you get better soon, I always did at 12-13 weeks! Hang in there!

  8. Could you be a cuter pregnant person? I think not!! Hope you feel better soon!

  9. When I was pregnant with you, I would hop in the car and start my hour long drive to work. I pulled over and threw up about a mile down the gravel road every day. That's how I met my neighbor lady. She finally came out after a couple of weeks to see who I was and why I was throwing up by her house. I had a ridiculous craving for green olives and would take a jar with and eat the whole thing on the way. I DETEST green olives...go figure. Could be why I had gained 53 pounds when I delivered you!!
    Hang in there..you were worth it!! Love ya, Mom

  10. HOW DID I MISS THIS NEWS??? I am so EXCITED for you and your family. Congrats!!!!!!

  11. Oh my gosh your so adorable pregnant! You looked great the first time around so I am sure going to be just as adorable this time.

    Hang in there with the sickness cause you know this baby is worth all that puking! Saltine crackers and water was my best friend for the first 12 weeks and they went every where I went or so it seemed.

    Have a great day!

  12. For me, it was Pringles, Blue Gatorade and cherry pie. (heavy on the pie part!)
    I had luck with the Seabands and sleeping it off.
    I hope you get feeling better soon! Nausea is such an awful feeling!!!

  13. Hi Katie!!
    my favorite is peppermint essential oil. you can put some on your forehead, just smell it or rub it on your belly... it REALLY works.
    hope you're feeling better soon!
    (for me, i get sick at night... morning is my BEST time...) weird huh?!