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NaNoWriMo and PO-ADD

I think I have “project oriented attention deficit disorder” with occasional hyperactivity.

Now, before you run off to google that, let me warn you: I made it up.

But it’s an accurate description of the way my creative brain works.

As soon as I finish (or abandon, as is the case of #write31days) one project, I move on to another.
This time, I’ve moved on to a project bigger than I ever thought possible.


National Novel Writing Month happens each November, and it is a chance for writers to focus and create a first draft of their novel, with thousands of others around the world for encouragement.  The challenge is to write 50,000 words in one month, and if you do it, you “win.”

I read about this challenge on Thursday, Oct. 29th.  It was really the first time I’d heard about it.  And within a hour, I’d started writing.

November 1st was the official start of the challenge, and I’d already written 7,000 words.  I’m sort of a cheater like that.  But I know my brain, and I know my attention span, and I know that if I want to finish this challenge, I’m going to have to start strong, which is why I’m following the Reverse NaNoWriMo Word Count Guide.  With this method, you write a kazillion words the first few days of the challenge and by the end, you only have to write 1 word on the last day.

(If it makes you all feel better, I’ll try to finish by November 28th, so that I have 30 days just like the rest of the participants.)

My Novel

is not a novel.  It’s actually a memoir detailing the last few years of my life and how I’ve changed during that time. Becoming a farm wife, becoming a mother, and un-becoming a teacher (which I’d spent most of my life preparing to be) have had a profound impact on me.  Writing about the process and the events that fueled it is proving to be intense and emotional, but freeing and healing at the same time.  I’ve become painfully aware of my personal struggles the past few years (like PO-ADD) and examining the way my life has influenced me is truly amazing.

What’s next?

I don’t know.  I think I will publish parts of my memoir here on my blog, and maybe, someday, the whole thing.  But for now, I’m writing for me…to practice the craft, achieve a goal, and learn more about myself.


It’s not too late to start your own NaNoWriMo project!  It doesn’t have to be a novel or a memoir, and some bloggers are doing NaNoBlogMo and others NaDoWoMo.  The idea is to make November productive, whatever that means to you!

If you haven’t already, check out my first book and keep tabs on my word count and progress with the widget on my side bar.

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