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A coincidence? Or something more?

Last weekend was Junk Jubilee Jingles, a large junk show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. 
My dear friend, Kim, who owns Invintg and Antiques Iowa, asked me to set up a booth with her.
We discussed it several times, and although I really wanted to do it, it would have meant 4 days away from my family, plus many other hours in preparation.
So I declined, and Kim decided not to do the show, either.  I spent the weekend with my family, instead.

As it turned out, it was Kim who needed this weekend to be with family.  Her beloved mother passed away last week.

I’m reading  The Art of Thinking Clearly and the author would argue that these things are merely coincidence.  It’s just a coincidence that we decided not to do the show, and it’s just a coincidence that Kim happened to be free last weekend to mourn her mother’s passing.
But I believe it’s something more.
I believe God led me to decline because he had a bigger plan for last weekend.  God knew what was going to happen, and he knew Kim needed to stay home.
for I know the plans I have for you says the Lord
That belief may not be rational.  It may not be “thinking clearly.”  But the idea that God has a plan for us is a belief that has gotten me and many others through some hard times.  When we trust in God’s plan, we know that someday, everything will turn out alright.
And that way of thinking is clear enough for me.

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