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I made up that word yesterday, and it pretty well describes how I’m feeling.

The last couple weeks have just been really busy and a little weird.  Lots on my mind, and I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing at a time.  “Hocus, Pocus, Katie needs to focus” has been my chant, but it’s not working.

Since I started typing this post, I’ve open 7 jars of playdoh, wiped a butt, poured a cup of coffee, checked facebook, checked the weather, called my doctor, checked facebook again, checked my cell phone, checked the weather, and put away playdoh.  And now, I can’t remember what I was writing about, and I still want to check craigslist.

So, I really meant to get the 2nd part of my Junkin’ in June preview up earlier this week, but I didn’t.  Sorry.  I’ll work on trying to get back into a routine, without feeling guilty about neglecting certain things (like vacuuming and blogging) and then I’ll be back!


In the meantime, say a prayer of thanks for the hardworking farmers who are enduring this heat to put food on your table!

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  1. Girl, I can relate! Too many things going on at once here, and I don't even have kids! It's weeks like this that make me question whether I have ADD because I just cannot focus!

    And no feeling guilty, but I can totally relate to that too! :) My hubby just lectured me last night about how I'm too hard on myself with the guilt trips. I blame all this on my "Type A" personality.

    Praying for your hubby and all those turkeys!

  2. Discombobulationary - I like it! And totally understand the feeling. Hope you get back on track.

  3. I totally understand! We all have those days! Take a break and relax! :)