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Progress Report

We have three major projects going on, and I’ve totally left you hanging on all three of them.  It’s way past time for a little update!
Project 1:  The Upstairs Bathroom AKA Grandpa’s Bathroom
Grandpa’s role in the bathroom is pretty much done, now it’s just up to me to prime, paint, and paint some more.  And pick out a mirror.

Project 2: Isaac’s Room
Well, there’s been progress.  Can NOT wait to get that baby out of my bedroom!
Project 3: The Siding
Two sides were (mostly) completed last fall, and the other two will be done this year.
And then, paint.


This would be a much better DIY renovation blog if we actually got things done.  Someday, I’ll have beautiful “after” pictures for you.  In the meantime, enjoy some “befores.”

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  1. Remodeling is hard and time consuming. Everything takes more time than you expect or want it to. Hang in there, keep you mind on the finished project :)

  2. look at that siding! the house looks brand new!

  3. Story of my life around here too! Can baby move in with big brother? I love the faucet and all the built-ins in that bathroom!

  4. It`s gona be awesome!

    I love that sink; I`m a new follwer.

    Come see my bathroom transformation!


  5. Remodeling is hard and LONG work. Our first home was over 100 years old and I had to be very patient till we made it into our dream home! YOur home has wonderful "bones" and you can't build its character!
    Did you paint the bathroom cabinet? I love the color. Thanks for sharing all of your hard work and progress... keep up the great work!