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Love Your Little House: Tips from a Borderline Hoarder

Little Houses have less room.  It’s a fact.
Therefore, Little Houses can hold less stuff.
stuff space

I am by no means, an expert on decluttering.  In fact, I’m more of a hoarder than a minimalist.  But, faced with the reality of my small space, I’ve been gradually working on purging things for the past couple of years.
General Tips:
  • Start small, with easy stuff. Don’t start with the sentimental stuff.  That’s too hard.  As you get better at decluttering and purging, you’ll gain the confidence to deal with the tougher stuff.
  • Don’t try to force others in your family to purge.  You have to let them do it at their own pace.  Do, however, limit their space so that it is their problem to deal with and doesn’t affect the rest of the family.  For example, it’s vital that my husband’s clothes and “stuff” stay in his office.
  • Get some inspiration.  There are blogs, books and TV shows that will help you get motivated and give you tips for reducing the amount of stuff you have.  Some of my favorites:
org insp.
  1. It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh (The Clean Sweep Guy!)
  2. A Bowl Full of Lemons – This blog had a VERY popular 21 day challenge last year.  I followed along with most of it, and it really made a big difference, although it’s probably time to do it again.
  3. Organizing Junkie has a great section on “purging” that I’d highly recommend (and I should probably spend some more time there, myself!)

Next up, I’m going to share some “categories” of precious items that are hard for me to get rid of, and pretend like I have a solution to the problem. 
In the meantime, where do you look for decluttering inspiration?  Any decluttering or purging tips?  Or are you just a fellow boarderline hoarder like me? 
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