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Santa Claus is coming (in a firetruck) to town

That’s right…Santa came to visit the kids of our town on Saturday, and his vehicle of choice was a firetruck.  How exciting to combine two of Adam’s favorite things!


We talked about it a LOT before hand, so that maybe Adam wouldn’t be scared to death of Santa.  He did remarkably well, only saying, “I’m shy” once when we told him to sit on Santa’s lap.  He did NOT talk to Santa, but he didn’t cry either.



After sitting on Santa’s lap, there were treats and crafts.  We stayed to color a picture before going home for nap time.


There weren’t a ton of kids there, but I’m so glad that our little town of 200 keeps doing things like this.  They have a wildly successful Easter Egg hunt every year, the volunteer Fire Dept. joined with the library and our daycare last fall for an event at the fire station, and in the summer, Watermelon Day is a great celebration.  Quite honestly, our town doesn’t have a lot going for it…the school is gone, the restaurant is gone, and main street is pretty empty…but I’m thankful that we have these activities for the kids!

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  1. He's so cute! I'm glad your town does stuff like that for the kids. We still have a school and a library, but half the stores on main street are empty. I wish we could revitalize the small towns!

  2. Looks like he did great with Santa. We didn't even try this year.

  3. Our town of 300 does the same thing!! Only we missed it this year due to travelling.... boo.
    SO SO glad other towns keep this up.
    We're in the process of moving to a town of 10,000, hoping we can still find some of these traditions for our babies.

  4. Aww, Adam is so cute! That's awesome that your town does such wonderful traditions at the holidays!

  5. Santa! Love it. Looks like he did just fine :)

  6. Victory! Do you know how long it took for my girls to warm up to Santa? The oldest is STILL shy around him, and she just turned 8! Yo have to love and embrace our small town traditions and support all the effort to keep them going! Looks like Adam is on board ;-)

    Merry Christmas!

  7. He looks so cute sitting with Santa!

  8. When we were visiting friends in FL last Saturday, their local fire dept was driving Santa around on a flatbed trailer behind the fire truck going through all the neighborhoods and even the back roads, siren going full force, delivering Santa right to your doorstep. How cool is that? Love you had a firetruck & Santa story, too!

  9. How wonderful. Merry Christmas to you and yours!