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Musee d’Art

I cannot believe the amount of “art” Adam is bringing home from daycare now that he gets to be a part of the preschool program.  Many days, it’s just scribbles, but other times, he brings something home that he has cut, or glued, or painted.  He carries his art around saying, “I made dis fo you, mom!” and I can’t bear to part with it.  But the stack has been growing, and growing, and growing, and I wanted to display it somehow.
Enter this old screen door.  Hubby found it in a shed at his grandparents a few years ago.  They thought we were nuts for taking it home.  I love it.  It came off one of the old family farmhouses, so it has even more meaning to me.  In our old house, it lived in this corner of the spare bedroom.  See the rusty screen?  Love it.
In this house, it’s spent most of its life in the garage, and a couple months propped behind my rocking chair in the living room. But the black didn’t work so well there, and I wanted to make it a more prominent display piece.
So I spent a few minutes today stapling some ribbon to it, and Voila!  Une musee d’art!

I was going to put the ribbon all willy-nilly random-like, but if you know me in person, I’m sure you’re not surprised that the Type A won out.  I ran out of ribbon though – I think it needs one more x at the top and bottom.
But my new motto is “done is better than perfect” so I’ll probably leave it as is.  Here it is, featuring Baby Brudder.
And  it works really well for its intended purpose, too!  It could also be a great place for Christmas cards and all the random notes and such that currently live on our fridge.

Now, what should I put at the bottom?

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