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Summer Summary

Warning – Picture Heavy Post

After a little hiatus, I just did 15 scrapbook pages in less than 90 minutes.  I love digital scrapbooking.

You’ve seen a lot of these pictures, but some are new, and will need more explanation in future posts. :)

I’m posting small versions so you can see the two page layouts, but click on them if you want to see a larger version!

Summer 2010 - Page 001 Summer 2010 - Page 002 Summer 2010 - Page 003 Summer 2010 - Page 004 Summer 2010 - Page 005 Summer 2010 - Page 006 Summer 2010 - Page 007 Summer 2010 - Page 008 Summer 2010 - Page 009 Summer 2010 - Page 010 Summer 2010 - Page 011 Summer 2010 - Page 012 Summer 2010 - Page 013 Summer 2010 - Page 014 Summer 2010 - Page 015

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  1. These are too cute. I need to do some digital scrapbooking as my time for regular scrapbooking has come and gone. :-)

  2. Oh, I so love those!! We did some scrapping last weekend and I did 16 traditional pgs while Megan worked with her tools (post on that coming later!). :) And definitely use the Turkey post! :)

  3. Looks great! What program/website do you use for ur scrapbooking?

  4. Love your pages! How do you upload them? I tried some 12 x 12, but it took too long to upload them. I think the secret might be to choose a smaller file size rather than try to upload each page in its original size????

    No, I have never been to Showcase. Honestly, I am very far behind with my traditional albums, but I hope that this fall I can catch up some. Our youngest, Little Bear, starts all day Kindergarten. Woooo! Think major Mommy dance! I will miss the little stinker, but she is very much a "Let's do something together" kind of girl, so I will have a bit more time for my own projects while she starts her walk in to the world of education.