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Farmhouse Porch

I’ve shown you my new patio, but there is another outdoor area that we enjoy on a daily basis – the porch.

Our 100+ year old farmhouse is lucky enough to have a small, but beautiful porch, shaded by a large sycamore tree. On nice days (and cool mornings) I sit on the porch while Adam plays in the shade of the tree.

queen anne house porch
vintage antique pepsi ads
red white enamel bowls
vintage tray chalkboard

When I look at pictures of the porch, I can’t help but notice the chipping paint and rotten siding and remember all the work we have left to finish, but I also see a perfect place to have a little snack on a hot summer afternoon, or relax with a cup of coffee early in the morning, and the chipping paint doesn’t seem quite so important.

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