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Recreating Romance: Charleston Gardens

My husband and I honeymooned in Charleston, SC.  Then, we went back for our first anniversary.  We consider it “our city” and honestly, one of the biggest “cons” when deciding to raise turkeys was that we wouldn’t be able to go back and visit for years.  We love Charleston so much.
So if we can’t visit Charleston, we’ll just have to bring her here.  We have little reminders all over our house – a large, gorgeous reproduction map that hung over our bed in our first house, a Low Country Cookbook in the kitchen, a Columbus-type-ship souvenir on a shelf in our living room, and on and on.
And now, with our new walkway and patio going in, I want to create part of Charleston outside our home, too.
There are four elements of Charleston that I am trying to incorporate:
1.  Brick.
honeymoon 159P1010918P1020128
This is Boone Hall Plantation.  You may recognize it from The Notebook.  The white gravel driveway is lined with brick.  I remember talking about it with my hubby, and asking if “we ever have an acreage with a gravel driveway, can we line it with brick so it looks prettier?”  He has no recollection of this conversation, and says we can’t line the driveway, but we are lining the walkway like this!P1020127
honeymoon 1602.  White railings.  These beauties were everywhere!  Charlestonians built these piazzas to catch the breeze coming off the ocean.honeymoon 147

3.  Wrought Iron.  It is at least as common here as it is in New Orleans.
honeymoon 198
    honeymoon 265 
And just for fun, here’s hubby and I on our second trip to Charleston, in our favorite restaurant, 82 Queen.  Mmmm…now I’m hungry for she-crab soup, and that’s one part of Charleston I have NOT been able to successfully recreate. I guess we’ll just have to settle for a garden!

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  1. Wow, those houses are gorgeous! I'm pretty sure I'm in love with that house from The Notebook. I'd take it in a heartbeat! :)


  2. I love Charleston!! It's so beautiful and cozy and inviting...wouldn't mind living there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments! -shaunna :)

  3. I could look at pictures of Charleston gardens all day. So pretty!

  4. Just got back from vacationing in Charleston over the Memorial Day Weekend! Love it! My first trip there {and I've only lived in SC for 14 years}. I'm already planning another trip in the fall with the hubby and I. You'll have to recommend some eating place for us. Please?