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Party To-Do List – Day 3

So, if you’ve been following along, you’ll notice that my to-do list is getting more detailed.  That’s because I forgot what a pain in the patootie most of these projects are.  There are a million little steps and I HATE PAINTING.  Can I say it again?  I HATE painting.  But, I am determined to get this done!

Finish  Ballard shelves:




Figure out where to attach the corbels (Sunday)

Attach them (Sunday)

Fill/paint screw holes (Monday)

Poly (Wednesday)

Hang (Thursday?)

Accessorize! (Friday)

Finished unfinished cabinet in kitchen


Attach sides  (Decided to skip this step)



Predrill holes for knobs/pulls (Sunday)

Sand (Sunday)

Paint (Sunday)

Sand (Monday)

Poly (Monday)

Reattach doors (Wednesday)

Attach hardware (Wednesday)

Get the top from the Junk Refunkery



Paint the pantry


Remove doors


Wood putty scratches and pull holes

Fix that darn broken drawer (Sunday, I hope!)

Sand drawer fronts (Sunday)

Putty hardware holes on drawer fronts

Prime doors (Sunday)

Prime face of cabinets

Predrill holes for hardware (Sunday)

Prime drawer fronts (Monday)

Paint doors (Monday)

Paint face of cabinets (Monday)

Spray hinges ORB (Monday)

Poly (Wednesday)

Attach doors and hardware (Thursday)


Trim around kitchen windows


Prime trim

Prime windows (Sunday)

Paint trim (Monday)

Paint windows (Monday)

Cut (Daddy’s doing that!)

Get Daddy to help (He’s here today!)

Hang (Wednesday)

Fill/paint nail holes (Thursday)

Poly (Friday)

Ugh!  I have a lot to do!  And when I take into account the dry time needed between coats of primer/paint/etc., I will be pushing it pretty darn close to party time!


Edited to add: I’m already behind.  A lot of the “Sunday” items didn’t get done because my dad had a headache. :(

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