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Over at Infarrantly Creative, Beckie is hosting GREAT IDEA DAY!


So here I am, posting the GREATEST idea I’ve ever had.

Okay, actually, it’s not really my idea.  I think it was in a magazine originally, and then I saw it in action at my friend’s house. 

What is it, you ask?

And this!
And this one, too!
  Yeah, so I neglected to take a before picture for this post.  Oops!  (Duh, Katie, what kind of blogger are you, anyway?)

But use your imagination.

Scenario 1:  Basket full of baby “stuff.”  You know, a million lotions we used on the little buddy’s eczema.  A few bottles of tylenol, because we could never seem to find one when we needed it.  The baby powder that we’ve NEVER used, and of course, that big blue suction-thingy from the hospital.
Now – the tylenol is easy to find, the lotions are all in one place, and they are all out of little buddy’s reach on the back of his closet door. (Old house = regular closet doors.)

Scenario 2:  Basket(s) on top of master bedroom dresser, full of JUNK.  Yeah, junk, that apparently we need in the bedroom sometimes.
Solution.  Put it in this thing.  Whatever it is.
Need a highlighter for reading in bed?

Or some miscellaneous cables?  Perhaps a tube of chapstick?  Well, you can find those on the back of the MB closet door.img_0406
Scenario 3:  Entry way closet.  A giant pile of junk. (Yeah, more of it.)  Remember how I forgot the before picture?  These two shelves were stuffed full of cleaning supplies and dog paraphernalia.
 img_0409And now, this!  img_0412
(Dang, I just bought MORE toilet bowl cleaner because I thought we were out.  oops!) img_0413
Okay, so is that not a GREAT IDEA!  I love it!  I want one in every room in the house.  I got them at Walmart for $7 each, I think.  I can’t remember. :(

But anyway, go over to Infarrantly Creative and check out the other GREAT IDEAS!

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  1. I have a shoe organizer on the back of my pantry door! It's been there for about 3-4 years now...best thing ever!

  2. You're right, that is a great idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the idea, I copied it too, but can't remember where I saw it either. I bought my shoe organizers at the $1 store (score!). I use it in my linen closet to hold little bottles of lotion, shampoo, etc. Love it!

  4. That is a great idea! :) I love any little tips for organization.

    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog party "manifesto." I don't think anyone minds when a person needs a day or two to visit a few other links at a party or to return comments...I think the problem is when people just leave their links up without bothering to participate in the "party" at all. :) Thanks again for stopping by!

  5. I found your blog from the New Friend Friday and just wanted to say Hi. I enjoyed your posts, especially the ones about decorating. Very cute ideas =)

  6. we use this idea too and love it!! this is a great tip to include in great idea day.

  7. Hey Katie! Thanks for visiting the blog and for your kind comments! I love this idea! We were like you; our little guy had eczema and we had at least 10 different lotions. nice to meet you! --shaunna :)

  8. I love that for cleaning supplies. Who would have thought? I love that idea. I know one of my friends uses it for gloves, mittens, scarves and has. Great idea!