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20 Awesome Gifts for Lego Lovers

(This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you order something after clicking the link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thanks for supporting On the Banks of Squaw Creek.)
My boys love Lego.  And I think it’s a great toy for them.  But I’m tired of buying the expensive, over-engineered kits.  Those kits are neat, but they only bring a few hours of entertainment, and then major frustration.  When the creation is complete, one of two things happen:
1. Little Brother plays with it and it falls apart, shedding pieces all over the house as it goes.
2. We put it up high on a shelf so Little Brother can’t reach it, and then NO ONE plays with it.
I was on Amazon, looking for Lego gifts that wouldn’t be destined for this terrible fate, and decided I should share what I found with you all.
And so, I present, 20 Gifts for Lego Lovers, and I promise, everything (on the list) is awesome! (Cue the music…)
lego lovers

Stocking Stuffers
Inexpensive, small gifts for Lego Lovers.
My Adam got one of these watches from a friend for his birthday and he loves it!The extra links make it expandable.
Lego Building Accessories Orange BRICK SEPARATOR #630
These are a must have for Lego builders.  It helps pry the bricks apart when their little (or big, depending on who’s playing) fingers can’t get a good grip.
These little Mixels are so fun, and only $5!  My boys love them.  Sure, they fall apart, just like other Lego kits, but they are meant to be mix-and-match, so the kids don’t mind.
These little Minifigures packs are fun, too.  Each one has a minifigure, and you don’t know what you get until you open it!

Gifts for the Master Builder
We all want our kids to be Master Builders, right? We want them to use their creativity and engineering skills to create their own Lego masterpieces, not just follow the directions in the box.  These are my favorite sets to encourage creative building.
For the younger builder.  This set has instructions for simple construction machines, but it also has a lot of versatile parts for play later on.

This is one of our favorite sets at home.  Wheels, windshields, steering wheels…everything you need to make unique vehicles!
You can never have too many of these.  Enough said.
The Doors and Windows set is another great, versatile set for creative building.  My boys use it to build sheds for their machines.
We find ourselves running low on basic pieces sometimes, because of all the creations we’re able to make with our Wheels set and Windows set.  You can also buy Legos by the pound, but I think this is a better deal.

Some Master Builders need a little help getting ideas.  This book has a ton of inspiration!

The Little Box of Lego Projects is a new product that I’m excited to order for my boys.  It has 52 project cards…one for every week for a year!

Storage and Organization:
Storing and organizing Legos is a never ending battle, isn’t it?
This was recommended to me by a friend.  She said it made Lego play and clean up a lot easier!
We don’t have one of these, but I want one!  The head has three different chambers, and sorts the Legos into small, medium and large pieces.  I think this would make finding small pieces so much easier!

Just for Fun
Who knew there were so many cute Lego accessories?
My kindergartener is sort of obsessed with calendars and the date, so I think this would be a great gift for him.

Great for Thank You cards or birthday cards for friends.  This Lego themed card kit makes 15 cards.
There are a ton of different Lego figure alarm clocks to choose from. So fun for a kid’s room!
Or, a classic “brick” alarm clock.
Amazon has cases in many sizes and colors for all your electronics.  Isn’t the easel on this one awesome?

How cute is this?  The Lego Advent Calendar looks like a great way to count down to Christmas!
And of course, I have to include the Lego Movie!  If you haven’t seen it, you need to!  It’s a great flick for kids AND adults!

Hope that helps make your holiday shopping a little easier!

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  1. You've made some great Lego selections here! Those storage ideas are especially timely as I've been sorting and storing our Lego pieces in ziplock bags but love the idea of the Lego Sort and Store bin. A much better alternative.

    1. My sister ordered it for my boys - can't wait to see how it works!

  2. Do you know how many times I've stepped on that orange brick seperator and had no clue what it was??? Thank you! And I just ordered a base plate for my 5 year old to build on.

    1. lol. I'm glad this post was so educational. :)

      And you can never have too many base plates!