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Behind the Scenes (of this photo)

I like this photo of my living room.  In fact, I like to pretend my living room looks like this all the time, but it doesn’t.
I took this picture last February, and as I was sorting pictures for our family album, I realized that I also took some “Behind the Scenes” pictures to go with it.

Scene #1:  I turned around, and snapped this quick picture.
IMG_4143-1011(rev 0)
Scene #2:  This couch was a hand-me-down.  It’s been through 2 families with 2 boys each.  That’s 4 boys.  The arms are literally falling off because of all the little boy climbing that has occurred.
IMG_4144-1012(rev 0)

Scene #3: This pillow is not a hand-me-down.  It wasn’t even that old.  But my boys destroyed it.
IMG_4145-1013(rev 0)
Scene #4:  This pillow case is actually a real pillow case.  I just folded it in upon itself so it would fit my throw pillow.
IMG_4146-1014(rev 0)
And by the way, less than a year later, that ottoman only has 8 of it’s original 24 buttons.

Happy Monday!