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Bargain Storage Ottoman

***Updated to edit this post!  This ottoman has NOT stood up to daily use over the past two months!  Half of the buttons are gone and one of the hinges is broken.  I emailed Coaster - no response.  I called Coaster and they told me to contact Amazon.  Argh!  I guess there's a reason it was so cheap!  I'm headed to Amazon to write a negative review, now.  Don't know what else to do, as I couldn't find a way to contact Amazon about my dissatisfaction.***

My friends know that I get on a kick where I’m just absolutely positive that such-and-such piece of furniture or change to my house will just make it perfect and end all my troubles forever.
Usually, the way this plays out is that I do some online shopping, decide it’s all too expensive to buy sight-unseen, and forget about it until the next “this-will-solve-all-my-problems” obsession comes along.
But this time was different.  This time, I actually bought it.  And this time, I really DO think it will solve all my problems.
Well, almost all of them.Coaster storage ottoman
I ordered the Coaster Storage Ottoman with Tufted Accents from Amazon, and it is such a multi-purpose, smart furniture choice. I’m stoked.
1. It gives us a place to put up our feet when we stay up watching Netflix after our boys are in bed.
2. It has a TON of room to store all those tiny toys we’re constantly stepping on.
3. It is the right height (and length) to use at the dining table when we have a big family dinner.
4. It’s beautiful and adds some visual weight to that side of the living room.

Leather Storage Ottoman

And now, the best part!  The price!  I mean, seriously?  Amazing, right?
Leather Like Storage Ottoman
Here’s an affiliate link in case you want to go order one yourself, right now. :)

With my Amazon Prime membership, the ottoman shipped for free.  I ordered it on Friday and it came on Monday!  I was also VERY impressed with how well it was packaged.

Coaster Fine Furniture
There was some assembly required, but the directions and process were so easy.  Even Isaac could have figured out how to screw the beautiful feet on.
Assembly InstructionsStorage Ottoman Assembly
The ottoman is sturdy and spacious enough for two of us to sit on (if we decide to pull it up to the table for dinner) and the lid has those fancy hinges that keep it from slamming shut on my sweet monsters boys.
Storage Ottoman for Toys

Tufted Storage OttomanStained Trim, Gallery Wall
Great price + great function + incredibly beautiful = no online buyer’s remorse for me!

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  1. it looks perfect! it really anchors the room!

  2. Great choice! I think I want one... btw, what promo did you get on your Amazon order?

    1. I'm not sure! It just magically appeared (seriously!) I didn't apply a promotion and the only label it ever said was "promotion" so I really don't know! Sorry!

    2. I figured it out - I bought my camera on amazon at Christmas and there was a rebate type of a thing that got applied to this order.

  3. This is AWESOME!! I'm also wondering what the promo was!? :)

  4. Love the ottoman! Can you share where you got your floral pillows on your couch? Thanks! Mary

    1. The floral pillows were from TJ Maxx last summer. The fabric is called Granada Fiesta. http://lsfabrics.com/fabric/granada Hope that helps!

  5. I love the blue wall color, do you know the brand and color name?