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Top 6 Things I should Blog about (but haven't.)

6.  My new method of putting away laundry

5.  Recent home decor bargains - a TV console for $30, lamps for $4 each, $25 headboard, $12 mirror, etc. etc...

4.  How I limit the amount of time my preschooler spends watching TV and keep him from having a fit about it.

3.  Five Dollar Footlongs

2.  A siding and windows update

1.  Love for Leontien
(Leontien is a fellow blogger and farmer.  She is a cancer survivor, but is now fighting for the second time.  Please head over and show her some support - we are trying to flood her with positive thoughts and prayers.  www.fourleafclovertalesdairy.blogspot.com OR http://www.facebook.com/LoveForLeontien)

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  1. 6. You must post about this, right now I make Yaya do the boys' clothes and I get stuck with the rest. Any tips on making folding clothes seem fun will also be appreciated.
    5. Always love a bargain.
    4. I'd love to know this one, too.
    3. Yum.
    2. Love updates, post it!
    1. Will head over and check it out today.

  2. I keep a list like this...always think that I'll blog about something and then don't!

  3. Oh, I have a list like this, too! So glad it's not just me. :) I would love to know about your technique for putting away laundry, anything to make it easier! :) I will say be sure to visit your friend Leontien and say hello, too...

    I hope you are doing well, and having a great week so far!


  4. Hi Katie,

    This is a good list! ;-) And yes those footlong's sure are tasty!

    Thank you so much for all your love, it is really really amazing and i still i trying to "grasp" it all!

    you ladies are really fantastic

  5. Darn life! It's always getting in the way of good blogging!!! (c: And you've got some great blogging there...can't wait to see all your bargains! Heading over to check out Leontien, she sounds like an absolutely amazing woman!

  6. Hi Katie, I just found you via Pinterst and started following. I think we both pinned dozens of the same images.

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