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Out of it’s banks!

While I was in Chicago earlier this month, my dear little Squaw Creek filled overflowed with water.

It didn’t quite make it up to our house, but it flooded almost .4 mile of gravel road from the highway to our lane, and even went over the highway for the first time in history.  Of course, I have no photos because I had both cameras with me in Chicago, and hubby was stuck at home, driving 4 miles “around the block” to get to his turkey buildings.  Thank goodness we built those on high ground!

And then, Squaw Creek continued to flow southward, where it caused even more damage.  Click on the link below to see photos of what it did to Ames.

Photos: Aerial Tour Of Ames Flooding - Photos - KCCI Des Moines

55,000 people without power and electricity.  Several feet of water in the university’s Hilton Coliseum (the volleyball team is playing at the high school this season!)  At least 3 long time businesses closing after water damage.


And this is the 2nd 100 year flood since we moved to Squaw Creek in 2008.  Crazy.

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  1. Good grief! Sounds like what Nashviile experienced here in TN.

  2. We had that in June, and we don't have a river or large stream in our county! ACK! All of our ditches and warerways filled and overflowed thanks to a 4 inch rain! They told every one in the county to stay home! I did!

  3. Wow! All this flooding is crazy! I can remember the big flood in St. Louis in 1993.

  4. So glad your home and turkeys were spared!

  5. glad to hear you and your home are safe!

  6. I feel their pain. We were in the 2008 flood we had 14 inches of rain in 24 hours and lost allot
    God is in control I believe that.

  7. All this flooding everywhere is crazy!!!I'm glad to hear that your family and home are safe & sound!!!

  8. Better start blowing up that inflatable raft!
    Glad you are still high and dry!

  9. Crazy indeed! Glad it didn't get to your house.

  10. Thanks for the photo advice!!!
    Another blogger suggested Photoscape..Its free!
    I actually tried it out & its amazing..Lots of options & so easy to use!
    I'm gonna check out your suggestion too ..see what kind of options I can get!!

  11. When I first saw the name of your blog on another cottage blog that I follow, I thought, well maybe there is more than one Squaw Creek other than the one that flows through Ames, Iowa.....so I clicked on your link and sure enought there is the photo of the Colliseum under water this summer! I am an Ames, Iowa native with a blog from the Carolina's where I now live. The first time it flooded like this was the weekend of my Ames High reunion (1993) and we had to move all the festivities out of the C.Y. complex and up to the high school basketball arena where it was dry. I'm following you now and hope you stop by to follow back. Roz over at La Bella Vita