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The Kitchen: Let’s Start at the Beginning

Mar. 1, 2008:  We took possession of the house.
We planned to:
a) paint cabinets
b) install dishwasher
c) new stove
d) new countertop and sink
e) new flooring
f) remove wallpaper and paint walls

Shouldn’t have been too hard, right?
So how did we get from this
to this

to this?  (To see more of the finished kitchen, click HERE.)
Well, if you’ve ever remodeled an old house, you’ll recognize this story.  Maybe not the exact details, but the concept is the same.  Here’s what happened.

We took down the wallpaper.  The plaster was damaged.  We decided to take off the plaster and drywall the north wall (the one that had the stove and now has the counter.)
We decided to put in a bathroom above the kitchen, so we took the plaster off the east wall to run plumbing (the NEW stove wall.)
We decided we may as well replace that tiny window on the north wall while we had it torn apart anyway.
And then, since there was no insulation in the west wall, I think the logic was to tear out the cabinets, insulate, drywall and replace cabinets with stock cabs from Lowes.
April 16, 2008  (We had to be out of our house on May 1.)
But then, I went to Lowes, and found out the difference in price for one wall of cabinets vs. three walls of cabinets was only $700-$800.  Yeah.
And another new window came in.  The other 2 in that little space didn’t even MATCH.  Like seriously, the two in the same hole, did not MATCH EACH OTHER!
May 14, 2008 (Yeah, we’d moved in by then.  And that stove didn’t work.  And is still in my garage.)
And now, I bring you video (because I magically stopped taking pictures.)
We got our appliances a couple days after my due date, and I used my stove for the first time the day I went into labor.
I had open cabinets with no doors until Winter 09.  The heat vent was put in in Jan. 09.
We FINALLY got flooring March of THIS YEAR.  Crazy, crazy.  And the trim still has to be painted.

It was a LONG process (2 years) but so worth it!  And we managed to do it CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!
I’m working a budget breakdown, and I have some “just keeping it real” pictures to show you, too. :)

UndertheTableandDreamingFunky Junk's Sat Nite Special

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  1. Aren't you adorable pregnant!

    Love your updated kitchen. Ya'll did great!

  2. This is just amazing! I love what you have done with the kitchen and you ARE adorable!!

  3. Yes, you were too cute when you were pregnant! :)

    I love what you've done. We are in the middle of stopping the remodel we're been doing forever (seriously, like fifteen years) because Hubby is between work, but tackling the kitchen counters will be next, I think. Right now we have baby blue trimmed with oak. Yup. Actually, I don't mind the blue all that much, but something very neutral would be so much better.

    What are your counters made out of?

  4. Love it Katie. My kitchen is currently in a state of "old house remodeling" syndrome. You may have motivated me to keep going and not run from the house screaming, never to be seen again! ;-)

  5. You looked so cute. Bless your heart, I would have gone crazy being pregnant and in the middle of that project. Slowly but surely...and now it looks amazing!

  6. Your kitchen is looking beautiful! I've been through an extensive kitchen remodel as well, so I know how difficult it can be, especially if you're pregnant or have little ones to take care of (like we did). If you'd like to take a look, here's the link to my post about our experience:

    You've already been through the worst of it, and you guys did a great job!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  7. What a great job you did! We have an old house too (1850) so I feel your pain!

  8. Wow Katie, you guys have taken on some huge projects....reminds me of my mom and dad's house when I still lived at home. We tore down almost every wall, floor and ceiling in that whole house, HUGE ordeal! (but so worth it!)
    Your tummy is adorable all round and cute. :)
    I'm glad you liked my pictures of Charleston, we had a great time. It was SO hot though...but I think it's hot everywhere right now! lol (it was actually cooler than my home in KY though, so that was good) I'll be posting beach pics soon. My hubs has been in the hospital the last two days with a horrible virus, so I've had no internet...gasp! :) We finally got home today, so I'll probably put the pics up tomorrow if we don't sleep all day...we've had NO sleep in the last two days! Hospitals are not for sleeping!~ They give you meds to make you sleep, then wake you up and poke you...kind of sick! LOL
    Hope you have a great day!
    PS, your kitchen is looking wonderful! :)

  9. Your kitchen is wonderful! I am so impressed! I love the color of the walls, and the white cabinetry. It is night and day different from your before picture! :)

    We are almost at the finish line with our kitchen, and I am so ready for it! If I have to install one more piece of beadboard, I think I will run screaming! (Ready for a break from bead board for a few months!) It does take a lot of time and grueling effort, but isn't seeing your kitchen so worth it?! It inspires me to finish ours! Thanks for sharing this!

  10. All that work you guys did made me tired looking at it! What a great transformation. Wanna come do mine? You've got the experience I need to get the job done : )

  11. I so love your end result, but as I look at what we need to do on our house ONCE the remodel is done (it's kind of a domino effect), I am resetting my ideas of when things will actually get done! It's all good in the end right?

  12. YOu are such a cute.. and adorable.. preggy!!! Awesome.. I simply love what you've done.. You are my true inspiration.

  13. It looks great! What a transformation! I bet it's fun to cook in now. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's fun to live in the "afters" isn't it?

  14. Okay so I don't feel bad that our remodel for the kitchen is now going on a year and a half. I still have no actual flooring in the kitchen. Just walking on the plywood. I want hardwood but can't decide on what I really want. Hopefully we will finish up soon!

  15. Wow, you guys really tackled some big projects, too! Isn't it crazy what happens during the remodeling process? It usually starts off, "oh, we'll just replaced/update this one thing.." and then goes "But we might as well do this whole other thing while we're at it..." and ends with, "Well, we've put this much time and money into it already - we might as well go all-out!". :) We are still in the process of remodeling the kitchen. We'll go all-out for a month or two, and then completely stop and do something else for awhile while we recover from kitchen work. It's hard! It takes alot to do a kitchen, too, I've learned. So we are doing it in phases. Next up: under-cab lighting (one of those "we might as well!" moments), trim and backsplash. Nearly there! :) Your kitchen remodel is very inspiring, though - I'm really curious about the budget, as well! You guys did such a fab job!

    And yes, you're totally cute pregnant. :)

  16. I LOVE this post! It was total deja vu for me. We too have an old farmhouse and were met with many suprises in redoing the kitchen and now its almost done but the before (as on my blog) was just unbearable!!!!