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Turkey Tuesday

Another Turkey Tuesday already!  Doing a weekly event like this really makes me realize how fast the time goes!

First, I want you to go check out this recipe!!  It is from Maryann from Domestically Speaking and it is for Teriyaki Turkey Burgers!  Mmm-hhhmmmm…as the little Adam Bomb would say.  And it looks so easy and yummy!


(When I make burgers or meatloaf with ground turkey, I almost always add in some ground beef, too.  Ground turkey is so lean, and sometimes you need a little grease, y’know?  So, now I feel like a traitor.)

Second, let me show you what the Farmer and I did the other night.  After the turkeys went to market, there were a few stragglers in the building.  So the Farmer “took care of ‘em” and brought the breasts and filets in for me.  There were 3 toms (males) and one hen, and we ended up with 7 breasts and 7 filets, I think.  One of the breasts was pretty bruised up, so we didn’t freeze that one. 

img_1135We don’t mess with any other body parts.  Too much work to worry about feathers and bones.

Each breast is gigantic – probably 3-4 pounds EACH!  The filets are part of the breast, and are slightly larger than a chicken breast.  They are much more tender and we really enjoy them.  I think they are usually called “tenders” in the grocery store.  ( But I never actually buy turkey, so I’m not sure.)

The Farmer cut off the yuckies and I held the bags open and marked them.  I’m a good helper like that.


In the end, it was 33 pounds of turkey!  Free (ish.)

Now…I’m going to need some more creative turkey recipes.

Would you like to comment?

  1. Will have to check out the recipe.

    Would love to have some turkeys hanging around here that I could put in the freezer.

  2. Ok that turkey burger makes me want one right now and it is 9:30 at night.

  3. I would love to have all that turkey breast in my freezer! Truth be told, I do have some frozen turkey burgers that I absolutely love!

    So, do you have a GOODe Turkey Tetrazzini rescipe? I'd love to give it a try ;)